Hey, I'm Snazzah. I mostly toy around with Node.js projects, JavaScript code and more specifically, Discord bots.

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat that is built to create large and small communities on top of a secure platform. Many people utilize Discord bots in order to do moderation tasks, make community economy, play games with others, create various things, and many other possibilities Discord can provide to bots.


Most of my experience came from creating and experimenting with bots on this platform. Here are some Discord bots that are active (since 4/15/20) and are available for everyone to use:

Here are some other projects that are not based on Discord:


If that doesn't interest you, I have some good experience with Python, Redis, RethinkDB, and Ruby. (Along with a basic level of PostgresSQL.)


I have also contributed to other projects listed here:

If you like the stuff I do and want to keep projects alive, you can support via Patreon or Ko-fi. (and also SubscribeStar or Cash App)